Taking a defiant power stance, we smirk at the lie we've all been told our whole lives: grown ups need to be sensible, calm, and not stand out. 

The Cultmunity celebrate themselves, their bodies, cult classics, pop culture and push themselves outside of comfort zones. Banish your inner wallflower, wear all the glitter, put on your stilettos and booty pop like everyone is watching.

Welcome to The Cultmunity.


“The Cultmunity brought this inner fierceness out of me that I never knew I had. I've grown and learnt to love myself and believe that I can do whatever I want and shine brightly!" - Stacey

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Putting the fun back into dance classes

By Kate Stanton Business reporter, BBC, Melbourne, Australia 22 June 2017 " Back in Melbourne, Liz Cahalan's company Bey Dance is devoted almost entirely to the spirit of the singer Beyonce. A dancer by profession, Liz says she was inspired...

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Melbourne Student Survey - Spring

Please help us with our Planning by filling in the survey by clicking here on this link

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The year ahead for Bey Dance in 2016!

What's been happening? BEYBY LOVE!Bey Boss Liz gave birth to beautiful baby Rose on November 26th. Liz was dropping it like its hot and dancing and teaching for most of her pregnancy and had a whirlwind 4 hour labour! People...

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