Putting the fun back into dance classes

By Bey Dance

By Kate Stanton Business reporter, BBC, Melbourne, Australia

22 June 2017

" Back in Melbourne, Liz Cahalan's company Bey Dance is devoted almost entirely to the spirit of the singer Beyonce.

A dancer by profession, Liz says she was inspired by her love of the music video for Beyonce's 2008 hit single Single Ladies.

The first Bey Dance studio opened last year in the Australian city, and has since expanded across the country to Perth and Adelaide.

Liz now employs 35 people to help teach the classes and maintain the business.

"It became about more than just a dance class," she says. "It became about teaching women that it is OK to have curves, to feel powerful about the way that you stand with your body."

Liz adds that she thinks the rise of classes such as Bey Dance and No Lights No Lycra was "one of those zeitgeist things". She says like-minded people became tired of feeling like they "couldn't dance because we weren't a certain body shape, that we didn't have a certain technique, or do ballet"."

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