Abby Richardson

Cultmunity Captain - Adelaide

2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival, on a hot Saturday afternoon in a grungy nightclub with a sticky floor, I discovered Cult Dance. 

 You know those moments when you instantly click with someone? You question how you have survived life without them - well that is how I felt when I finished my first Cult Dance class. I left class with a skip strut in my step and thought YES THIS COMMUNITY GETS ME, MY BOOTY and I feel ALIVE! 

 I hope to provide my students with that same empowerment, Cult Dance is a community where everyone's individuality is celebrated and where you can express your Sasha Fierce in a friendly and fun space.

I am trained in a range of dance styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Stiletto Fit, Reggeaton and Belly Dancing. I have also been immersed in the world of competitive Cheerleading and Gymnastics, where I taught multiple teams and taught dance to school aged children at a variety of schools.

Performing is an exhilarating part of dance and I have been fortunate enough to perform as one of S Club 7's backup dancers and I have performed at a range of dance competitions around Australia. The Cultmunity Dance Showcase is an absolute highlight of all my performances, there isn't a moment I have felt closer to Queen B than when dancing to Single Ladies in a leotard!

 I look forward to meeting you all, as we laugh, get sweaty and booty pop together!