Mini Diva (Kids)

Kids Bey-Day Workshop

If you’re planning for a creative children’s birthday party idea in Melbourne or Adelaide then Bey Dance is a fun and engaging option. A dance party is just what your children’s party needs to keep them entertained. For girls and boys – Bey Dance is a cool children’s party option that will have them all moving, laughing and having the best time!

Bey Dance is all about fun, self-confidence and a little bit of fitness! It’s not about getting all the steps right, it’s about making the dance your own, gaining extra fierceness in your stance and putting a smile on your face!

1 hour MINI DIVA Bey Dance Workshop

In one hour we’ll teach you and up to 20 of your friends the basic choreography to one of your favourite Beyoncé songs – if you have more friends coming, just let us know and we will provide a custom quote. Also, if your place (within 10km of CBD) isn’t roomy enough, we can provide a space from $50 p/hour.


For an additional $50 your guest of honour will receive a Bey Dance canvas tote bag which includes a voucher to a Bey-Party dance class and a set of false eyelashes.


Bey Dance is a great way to get you ready to hit the dance floor and always leaves everyone smiling and sweating just a little more than they expected. We’d love to help you get into diva-licious form for such an incredible occasion. See you on the dance floor!

Keen to have us join your Mini Bey-Day? Send us an email: