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Corporate Events

If you’re looking for a creative corporate team building activity or planning engaging entertainment for a conference or event for your company in Adelaide or Melbourne, Bey Dance is a unique and fun option!

Bey Dance is a company dedicated to helping people grow in confidence, strength, self-love and a bit of fitness. We achieve this through fun, powerful, diva-licious dancing – inclusive of all shapes, abilities, ages and gender. It’s not about getting all the steps right, it’s about making the dance your own, gaining extra fierceness in your stance and putting a smile on your face!

1.5 hour BACK TO BUSINESS Bey Dance Workshop

This 1.5 hour workshop is designed for the corporate environment and will teach you the basic choreography to your favourite Beyoncé song - we’ll get everyone in your organisation feeling comfortable, having a laugh, and have them out of their seats and on the dance floor!

How much does it cost and what’s included?

*1.5 hour class at your workplace (within 50km of CBD) OR we can hire a space from $50 p/hour

  • $550 / hour (GST incl) – for up to 20 attendees (1 captain to teach)
  • $1100 / hour (GST incl) – for up to 50 attendees (1 captain to teach & 1 to assist)
  • $1650 / hour (GST incl) *– for up to 100 attendees (1 captain to teach & 2 to assist)        *option 3 includes performance

  • Every workplace is different, so for best results we can tailor a package to your specific needs

    Add a performance to Options 1 or 2

    1. Add $150 – Additional Captain to perform and assist with the workshop
    2. Add $300 – 2 additional Captains to perform and assist with the workshop


    Keen to have us join your Corporate Event? Send us an email: