Help! The website is being weird and I can't book now. What do I do?

Oh no! Hmm... Well it might be a full course, or it might be a technical glitch. Either way, send us an email with info on what you want to sign up for (course name, teacher, location, start date) and we will either add you manually, or break the bad news that you've missed that boat because it's sold out. But there is always more dancing to be had! We will find a course for you!

e: hello@beydance.com.au



I have never danced before, or at least not for many years! Will I be totally embarrassed?

We certainly hope none of our students feel embarrassed. We want to everyone feel comfortable; dance should be joyful after all! If you are feeling nervous, fear not. We have plenty of beginner courses on offer to ease you into dancing. Our teachers and students are all super friendly and we honestly don't care if you get the moves right; as long as you give it a go, get fierce, have a laugh and shimmy your way out the door and onto the d-floor then we are happy.

Can I just rock up to class? Do you have any casual classes?

Casual classes: YES! These are called Cult Party and you just need to bring $15 cash with you. Read more about Cult Party here.

Courses: NOPE. For these ones you need to enrol online (see instructions below).

Can I come and try, before committing to a full course?

The Cultmunity offers 'come and try classes' and various one-off workshops throughout the year. So while you generally can't just rock up to a course, or attend a trial class before committing, we encourage you to try it out by coming along to either a casual class, a Fringe or other workshop, or one of our 'come and try' classes.

Like us on FB and follow us on Insta to make sure you know when these are on offer.

What classes are on offer?

You can see the full list of classes and courses in our repertoire (not necessary all on offer right now) by clicking here.

To see what we have coming up and what you can enrol in right now click here.

How do I enrol?

Head to our ENROL NOW tab
> Read about the courses on offer in your state - they are all listed under the location and studio headings
> Click the Book Now button (just under the course details)
It takes just a few seconds for the pop up box to appear so bey patient
> See the little green square on the date of the first class in the course and see the start time of the class (i.e. April 15th, 8:30pm). Start date should already be selected.
> Click the start time, then next
> Fill in your personal details, scroll down, agree to the policies, click next
> Enter payment details and confirm
> Email hello@beydance.com.au with any issues or custom enrolments

What if I am going to miss a class or two? Can I still sign up for a course?

Yes! When you book online you will be asked to pay in full for the course. However, if you know in advance that you will miss a week or two (2 max) then don't enrol online; send us an email to hello@beydance.com.au with these details (course name, teacher, location, start date and dates you will miss) and we will manually enrol you and send you a custom, discounted invoice to pay online.

How do I know my enrolment is successful?

Our lovely team will send you an email confirming your booking with the course drive access in the week the course starts. Basically, if it charged your card then it is all ok! If you don't hear from us, or you just want to check, then send us an email (hello@beydance.com.au).

If I sign up for more than one course at a time are there any discounts?

We regularly reward our most dedicated attending students via email with discounts via email. 


What to wear?

Whatever you want! If it makes you feel great, and you can dance in it safely, then go for it! 

Cult Dance popular attire: gym type attire, leotards, stockings, short-shorts, leggings, cute oversized jumpers, knee pads if you need, leg warmers, heels, boots, sneakers, heeled sneakers... Something fun and fabulous!

If you do a contemporary course or ballet then we will probably dance with bare feet.

Where is my class?

Head to our locations tab, scroll until you find your course location and there you will find an address and a map.

Click here.

I have totally forgotten what we learned this week! Where can I find the video that my Captain (teacher) filmed?

All of the videos filmed during class are uploaded into our Google Drive. In week one everyone enrolled in that course is given access to the folder where all of the videos are stored for your course. You will received ONE email saying you a folder has been shared with you. Flag the email and save it in your inbox somewhere - then each week follow the link in that original email (or if you are a Google account member > go to My Drive > Shared with me > Course Name folder), and find the new video in that folder.

If you never received the email, please contact Mone: hello@beydance.com.au

If you are not a tech-wiz (totally understand) - check the confirmation email you received from Mone when you first enrolled, and check out the instructions for Drive in the attached pdf. If the email is nowhere to be found, just let us know and we can resend.

Performance opportunities with Bey Dance (for students)

Finished your course and want to show off to your friends, family, or just anyone willing to watch!? Same! We love to perform!

At Cult Dance we believe everyone can dance and we want to offer you all the opportunity to get on stage and give it a go! Every year, each state will organise a Showcase performance where friends and family are invited to come and watch students perform everything and anything they learned this year.

Other performance opportunities include smaller mini-showcases, community events, flashmobs, Fringe workshops and other events. We post about these in the FB events and in our other social media platforms so if you love the centre stage and can't wait to get involved, keep your eyes open and your leotard ready!

Sometimes The Cultmunity is hired in a professional capacity, so may invite only Captains or some students who have shown loyalty and a high quality performance skills to perform. If you are desperate to be a part of this you may be asked to audition. In most circumstances though our performance opportunities will be open to students when appropriate, and the showcase is always open to everyone; Cult Dance is about inclusion and encouragement and giving it a go so we create this showcase for you guys! Get up there, shake it, shimmy it, drop it like it's hot ('cause it is!) 

HIRING BEY DANCE - workshops, performance, private lessons

The Cultmunity loves to dance, teach and perform. Check out the Hire Us information and send us an email about your booking enquiry.


Who are your captains?

We have an amazing team! Check out the team here.

How can I join the team?

At the moment we don't have any vacancies (sorry!) but we are a new business and hope to continue growing, so rest assured the team will be expanding. We do our best to hire from the current cult-community; students, friends of captains, other performers and artists we have worked with. The reason for this is that our business is about so much more than dance and this is a way for us to get to know our people members before inviting them onto the team. At times our decisions are based on how you will fit into the existing team. 

While we don't have any spots up for grabs right now, we encourage you to come to a class, meet us, have a coffee, and send us your details:
e: hello@beydance.com.au

Can I start teaching Cult Dance in another state?

Love the passion! Send us an email with your information and your idea for a new state or location and we can start the discussion (e: hello@beydance.com.au). Cult Dance is a growing business and of course we would love to take our courses and community to all states (and countries one day!). Right now, the focus is on building Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, but it would be great to get to know you and what you could bring to the team. Let's be ready so when we want to make that next move we know who to call!

Please do keep in mind that Cult Dance is an established company, with full intellectual property rights, copyright, and trademark rights over our creative process, products, services and choreography.