Gemma Dawes

Bey Captain - Melbourne

I started learning ballet at the ripe age of 2, amazing audiences with my solo rendition of Rainbow Connection performed with a broken arm in a cast. I have been dancing ever since. I grew up in the Riverland, South Australia, and ballet, tap and jazz at Miss Rosie’s Dance School shaped my early training. My love for Beyoncé dancing started in 2009 while trying to learn Single Ladies in my lounge room with Cult Mama (and my cousin) Liz.

The next few years I was fortunate enough to travel the world performing the newly perfected routine to audiences everywhere, particularly working on the Comedy Festival and Fringe Festival circuit. I was there at the beginning of The Cultmunity and am blown away by the loving and supportive community that has come out of the ever growing school. I contribute to a lot of the behind the scenes stuff at The Cultmunity but am at my best when teaching a great new routine to our students in Brunswick.

My favourite thing about moving like a diva is the way it makes people feel through her movement and music. She's never afraid to own her space and demand what she deserves. Watching students become fierce warriors when her music comes on and they start the choreography is something I will never get tired of seeing. I wake up feeling flawless and encourage my students to do the same.