Keely Windred

Head Bey Captain - Melbourne

I have always loved dancing but had not been to any official dance classes until I attended Liz's very first Single Ladies class in Melbourne in 2012. After a few lessons, I was totally hooked! After becoming involved in the Bey Dance community as a student for a couple of years, Liz asked me to fill in and teach some classes and here I am! I eventually quit my day job in Art Therapy and Mental Health to focus on being a Cult Captain and performer.

I love the fact that I hadn't had any dance training before The Cultmunity and I truly believe that anyone can learn to move like a Queen. I love the open and generous spirit of BThe Cultmunity and the fact that it is not a snooty dance school.

As well as being a Cult Captain, I perform regularly as Debbie Glitterbox in the Real Hot Bitches 80s Dance Troupe. I also completed my yoga teacher training in 2014 and teach our Bey Yoga classes which are a wonderful fusion of Beyonce and Yoga! 

With Liz's help, I started up Cult Party which takes the dance classes into a bar without mirrors and really encourages people to care more about how they feel when they dance rather than what they look like. And of course, having FUN! I run these classes with the help of Danni and have an absolute ball rocking out Yah Yahs each week.

In my past lives, I have been a Visual Artist, a Waitress, a Mental Health Worker and an Art Therapist. I never thought I would end up here, but am so glad I did!