Lauren Thiel

Adelaide Head Captain

Lauren Thiel Bey Dance

I am the ‘legally blonde’ of Bey Dance (for Accounting not Law!). I’ve been dancing since I was 3 years old, and anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love the spotlight (on stage, at the pub, in the office, wherever! All attention is good attention, right?). But I equally love a good spreadsheet and my calculator is as important as my iPod.  

I met Liz back in 2010 at the Adelaide Fringe where we performed together (dancing to Single Ladies, no less) and we have been friends, dance partners and business associates ever since. Together, we took what Liz had been teaching in Melbourne already, and ‘bidniz-ified’ it; we added the brand, some spreadsheets and a Facebook page. Now, here we are!

After a year as co Bey Director, I've moved my role to Adelaide Head Captain to allow me to focus on my work as an accountant. However Bey Dance is still dear to my heart and a source of great pride.

The thing I love most about Bey Dance is it challenges and encourages everyone to love themselves, find new friendships, learn, and be joyful! There is a special vibe at Bey Dance classes; everyone seems to be more generous, willing to lend a hand, happy to give it a go, and always laughing.

Come to Bey Dance to “bey” yourself and feel good about it!