Love On Top (Not-For-Profit)

Love On Top

(Charity, Fundraising & Not-For-Profit)

Bey Dance is a company dedicated to helping people grow in confidence, strength, self-love and a bit of fitness. We achieve this through fun, powerful, diva-licious dancing – inclusive of all shapes, abilities, ages and genders! It’s not about getting all the steps right and being the best; it’s about making the dance your own, gaining extra fierceness in your stance and putting a smile on your face!

We know we are blessed; as a dance school and as individuals. And we want to give back! You can see our core values below. If you think your not-for-profit organisation or charity’s values line up with ours, and you are interested in having Bey Dance get involved to teach a dance workshop, perform in Melbourne or Adelaide, or have a chat about empowerment and confidence, then please send us an email and let us know a little more about you and what you have in mind.

Core Values

The "Beyoncé" factor: to be examples in our classes and communities that everyone is flawlessly them. Own all that you are. Everyone has the power and right to release their inner diva, to feel empowered, to stand strong, and to speak with confidence. We will provide the example, the platform, the education and the encouragement to make that possible.

Inclusivity: a welcoming and loving space where people from all walks of life, with different struggles or challenges, of different ages, genders, religions, nationalities and sexualities, can come together through a love or curiosity for dance, and feel at peace.

Community: to build a community of dancers and friends, so that we may have the resources to give back to the community and those most at need.

Happiness through health: to create an activity that provides fitness by accident; an alternative way to move that allows improvement of health without judgement or pressure.

Growth: of business so we can reach more lives with our message of self so we Bey Dancers can grow and change and be accepting and loving of ourselves through every transformation.