Mel Naumoff

Head Bey Captain - Perth


I'm the Perth mama of Bey Dance - I love the sun and sand, and spend most of my time trying to follow summer the world round! Dancing and performing are my true joys, and I'm always trying to learn any new dance I can - some are brief affairs and some become life-long loves. I have a background in lots of different dance styles, particularly Brazilian Samba and vintage dance. When I'm not onstage at an event, you can find me running around backstage or scheming something fantastical to bring to life through shows and events.

I'm happy to say that I met Liz through Beyonce - we performed Single Ladies together in Perth back in 2011. We gelled straight away over our love of performing and learning, our motivations, and sequins. It was dance romance! After an inseparable couple of weeks of training and hair flicking together, we've been spending the last handful of years trying to bring our dance worlds together from opposite sides of the continent. And here we are :) We are living proof that people who Bey together stay together!

I love that Bey Dance is more about the journey than the destination – it’s a space for giggles (and jiggles), loving what you’ve got, and loving what your fellow Bey Dancers have got! We meet, and learn, challenge ourselves, mess up, get sweaty, and feel elated. We each make our own way there. To a bitchin’ soundtrack.