Shelley Szova

Bey Captain - Melbourne

My first Bey Dance class was in the beginning of 2015 and from there my involvement has grown in leaps and bounds. I absolutely adore this school, its values and all round inclusiveness towards society is the backbone that keeps this school standing strong – it’s a huge privilege to play a part in its growth.

When I’m not teaching people how to find their inner Sasha Fierce, I am teaching kids Music Theatre or rehearsing for a Theatre show myself or creating candles in my workshop or pet sitting or completing a piano exam because I have just as many hours in my day as Beyoncé.

Dance is a language anyone can speak if only they allow themselves.

When I was younger I used to come home from school and spend hours alone in my room creating performances and dances that only my imaginary audience would see – you don’t need to be on a stage and under lights to feel the joy of dance. Just let go and fly.

And remember kids – Why be moody when you can shake yah booty!