Sophie Cartelli

Bey Captain - Melbourne

Around 3 years ago I worked in community services and I remember the day I was at my desk when I came across an article about this amazing woman who was running Beyoncé dance classes in Brunswick. I had the same reaction everyone has when I tell them I do Beyoncé dancing on the regular: intrigued, shocked, amused, impressed and excited all rolled into one.

I enrolled into the badass dance Diva and I rocked up to a tiny class of 5 students who all looked like professional dancers. When I first attempted to dance in the beautiful, powerful and fierce way Liz did, I felt like a baby giraffe learning how to walk for the first time. It turns out the other students were not professional dancers and also felt like some kind of baby animal learning how to walk. What I soon came to realise that as much as I was criticising myself and shying away from the mirror, no one actually cared that my body roll wasn’t perfect. Everyone was happy, laughing and dancing unapologetically – I loved it. From that day on, I was hooked.

Fast forward 3 years, this baby giraffe grew up! Now a primary school teacher, my love of Beyoncé and Bey Dance is well publicised. “If there is one thing you should know about Mrs Cartelli, it’s that she LOVES Beyoncé and Beyoncé dancing” many of my students tell their friends and parents. The love of Beyoncé dancing spread to grade 4 – 6 students when I taught Move Your Body three times in 2015. Students performed this dance to their grades, at assemblies and at the School Fair and I was proud as punch!

The dance classes were so successful that students wanted to learn more and so I was asked to run kids classes in my area for all the kids wanting to let their inner diva out and thus, Bey Kids was born! Perhaps this is what lead to a rumour going around at school that I was once a back-up dancer for Beyoncé (I cannot confirm nor deny this) and why some students now warmly refer to me as Queen C!

Everyday I pinch myself because I cannot believe what I get to do… Combining my two passions of teaching and Beyoncé dancing.